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why do white people turn into mummy’s when they try to schmurda

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The Cinnamon Apple guy just went from a sympathetic figure to the villain 

Lmaooooo how the tables have turned

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Get up out my trap house!!!

Y’all think I’m playing when I say this song is literally the hood Kumbaya with the way it brings people together


who tryna be my cinnamon apple tho

Black people tend not to understand propaganda

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this scene is just golden because tony was never planning to reveal his identity as iron man. but right when blondie laughs and says ‘i never said you were a superhero’, she obviously hit a nerve and tony literally goes ‘alright, you wanna play? i can play’, LOOKS HER STRAIGHT FUCK IN THE EYE, AND TELLS THE WHOLE WORLD HE’S IRON MAN. A SUPERHERO.

well played tony

well played

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creeped out by how many people hate everheart tbh. her role in the movies was sleeping w/ tony and pepper literally called her trash for doing so, and this scene where she plays tony perfectly.

I’d say her role is even bigger. Remember that scene at the party? Christine’s not just a persistent journalist goading Tony into outing himself as Iron Man - she’s like the public conscience of the MCU. She’s the one who inspires Tony to fight with illegal arms trade that has been going right under his nose. She makes him face his own ignorance and indifference to the problem he’s indirectly causing.

Christine is one of the main triggers in Iron Man’s origins story. Never forget that.

this this this

You all do the deepest and further reach to make people heroes.

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