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god this is so cute. husband and wife collaborating together in a fun and hilarious vine. i love it

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I literally feel like I’m standing in the middle of a huge fiery explosion; watching everything unfold around me, embracing the chaos. The person I’ll become at the end of this all though….that’s what I look forward to.

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HOLY SHIT. Now that’s how you create a Sasuke Uchiha in real life

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if I ugly snapchat you I trust you

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I understand the whole cultural appropriation thing, but I genuinely think it’s stupid as fuck when people get upset if a white person is sporting dreadlocks. It’s a hairstyle, bro. I simply can’t look any further than the fact that it’s a damn hairstyle. You guys got too…

Fair enough. I just don’t see why people expend so much energy to make posts on tumblr.com about it. This site can be so much fun to use and instead people use it to be toxic. Doesn’t make sense to me brah